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Located just a few minutes walk from The Met Cloisters museum, home to The Met's medieval collection, The Bonnefont, or “the good source", was named after the medieval cloister and herb garden here, as well as its town of origin in France.

Bonnefont's fieldstone cottage was built in the 1930's for John D. Rockefeller and designed by the renowned Olmsted Brothers, sons of Frederick Olmsted, designer of New York City's Central Park. The classic structure features a cobblestone exterior, granite archways, and a stunning slate roof with massive oak trusses supporting the interior's 14-foot ceilings. With a recently updated interior, The Bonnefont presents a distinctive vibe of modern cool and Old New York charm.


The Bonnefont features "FreNoCal," a distinctive French

à-la Northern California cuisine created by Executive Chef/Owner Nicole O'Brien, a nod to her Sonoma County wine country roots.

Libations feature a carefully curated selection of wines from small producers in the United States and France; unusual liquors such as single malt scotch from France; and unique small craft beers. For weddings and special events, Chef Nicole will work with you to create a special menu, including non-alcoholic and special dietary requests. Both plated and buffet-style options are available.

Executive Chef/Owner Nicole O'Brien

(212) 740-2939

1 Margaret Corbin Drive, NY, NY 10040

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